Your strategic partner for digital transformation

菲律宾bg视讯官网能源 Services is your partner for connecting, 保护, and capturing actionable intelligence from your distributed sites and assets anywhere around the world. 


RigNet is now 菲律宾bg视讯官网能源 Services

In 2021, RigNet merged its capabilities with Viasat to become 菲律宾bg视讯官网能源 Services, offering a global managed services network infrastructure.  现在, with our combined leadership in energy services and satellite innovation, we can provide even more coverage, capacity and connectivity to our customers – accelerating digital transformation through new technologies, 解决方案, and enhanced ability to scale.


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Delivering secure network communications

We are the world’s leading networking provider for connecting and 保护 complex, remote sites and operational assets in the industries that rely on remote operations. 让我们开始吧

  • 偏远地区? 无与伦比的解决方案.

    Rapidly enable on-site IP connectivity with Viasat’s networking 解决方案 that deliver the optimal combination of cost, 质量, 服务和可靠性.

  • Bandwidth-Optimized applications.

    提高安全, 安全, and morale at distributed locations with Viasat’s expanding portfolio of bandwidth-optimized crew welfare and IIoT applications.

  • Next generation cyber安全.

    Viasat's operational cyber services (OCS) employs advanced intrusion prevention tools to continuously monitor cyber threats, working in conjunction with Viasat's 安全 operations center (SOC).

  • Your network platform for the future.

    Viasat networks provide an extensible foundation for full digital transformation, so your business can capture remote site data and advanced operational analytics that drive profitable growth.


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Your partner for enabling and 保护 Big Data from remote operations

Transform your remote sites and infrastructure into big data generators, with RigNet’s portfolio of ultra-secure, 工业物联网网络解决方案.

  • Powerful apps for IIoT network 管理

    Easily manage your distributed IIoT networks with Viasat’s applications for remote communications services including activation, 管理, 以及综合计费.

  • 具有挑战性的位置? 我们会帮你的.

    Our global network provides the coverage required so you can capture untapped safety, 安全, 操作数据, even from your most challenging locations.

  • Premium end-to-end managed services

    Let Viasat manage the complexity of day-to-day network operations, with full-lifecycle managed services for maintenance and support.


  • Seamless remote asset monitoring & 管理.

    Monitor and manage your distributed assets and network terminals, with integrated Viasat IIoT network 管理 applications.

Activating Operational Intelligence?

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Delivering breakthrough machine intelligence from remote operations

Intelie by Viasat is a machine learning platform that enables powerful analytics from large-scale IIoT data, so you can take operational performance to the next level.

  • Easy data capture from remote operations

    Built to leverage industry-standard WITS/WITSML protocols, Intelie makes it easy to ingest large scale IIoT data from your portfolio of distributed sites and assets.

  • Architected for industrial-scale data analysis

    Intelie is an industry-leading analytical engine is purpose-built to evaluate large-scale data streams generated from distributed IIoT sensors.

  • 自动数据准备 & 优化

    Intelie removes the massive manual burden of making your data usable, by automatically preparing and optimizing captured data for efficient stream analysis.

  • 积极的情报. 及时的行动.

    Quickly enable proactive notifications of significant site-specific events and anomalies, so you can take timely action that ensures performance continuity and improvement.